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Crescent Girls' School

May 25th 2012

Crescent Girls' School

Brimsham Green School was delighted to welcome students from Crescent Girls' school in Chennai, Singapore on Friday May 25th. The 35 students and their 3 teachers visited Brimsham Green as part of their Literary Tour of the United Kingdom and were delighted with the welcome they received.

After a walking tour of the school site, to allow the students to make a comparison with their own, modern, but urban school site at home, the students from Crescent Girls' School were then involved in a number of different workshops and activities chosen to complement the literary theme of their UK tour.

Miss Goodman led a Theatre Studies masterclass on the use of voice in performance before our Singaporean guests were introduced to a year 9 drama class. The two groups of students were then able to each perform a prepared piece. Brimsham Green students showcased their dramatic skill in a mimed performance of well known fairy tales and in return, our guests performed a dramatic poem about life in Singapore written by their own teacher. Both performances were superb and a credit to the teaching staff!

Brimsham Green's dance troupe, who recently performed at the Engage Festival, demonstrated their rhythym and flair and an international dance off quickly ensued! Both groups of students were able to share their dance moves and love of music.

After lunch, GCSE Languages students benefitted from an introduction to Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil from the students of Crescent Girls' School who are native speakers of these languages. In return, Brimsham students reciprocated by giving their visiting "teachers" an immersion course in introductory French or German. As neither group of students had previously had the opportunity to experience these new languages, the experience was extremely positive and everyone involved came away with a few new words or phrases to impress their friends.

In the final workshop of the day, The students of Crescent Girls' School joined English Language classes to examine the role of language and persuasive techniques in media campaigns and advertising. This was a superb opportunity for them to see our first class English teaching in action and to have the chance to get involved in debate and discussion with Brimsham students at their best.

The day was an enormous success! Facebook accounts have been swapped, new friendships have hopefully been made and both groups gained enormously from their international day. For those Brimsham Students who now want to know when we will be reciprocating with a visit to Crescent Girls' this space!

If you would like to find out more about Crescent Girls' School in Chennai, Singapore, see Mrs Ford or please click on the link below:

CGS crest

Mrs Ford International Co-ordinator

Europe Day 2012

May 9th

Europe Day 2012

Students at Brimsham Green were involved in a week of celebration and fact finding at the start of May in recognition of Europe Day 2012. As well as a display of facts and information in the school Study Centre, there were a number of competitions and events drawing attention to the relevance and importance of the European Union for young people in Britain.

splatter paint Europe

Events included a Pétanque tournament at lunchtime, a creative competition invition students to submit entries along the theme of "my town in Europe", a Football Stadia of Europe treasure hunt, quizzes, fact-finding and a special European themed screening at the BGS Film Club.

To find out more about the European Union and its institutions, click on the links below:

Europe holding hands Europe flags

Mrs Ford International Co-ordinator


German Exchange 2012

Bad Salzdetfurth

The longstanding and popular German Exchange is taking place again this year in June 2012. This time our German partners will be visiting us between the 17th and 22nd of June.

Our German partners are coming here to experience the culture, language and way of life here in Yate and there are lots of exciting and interesting events planned for their stay. On previous visits we have taken our German visitors and their host students to places such as Longleat Safari Park, Big Pit, Thorpe Park, @Bristol and the SS Great Britain. This year's visits are to be confirmed!

We take great care, wherever possible to match you up with a German student of similar age and interests - it isn't as scary as you might think!

If you are interested in hosting a German student, whether or not you are studying German, please ask any member of the Languages Department for an information letter, or click on the link here for a copy of the letter to print at home. As always, when it is next our turn to visit Germany (Summer 2013) we will endeavour to give priority to those students who have been kind enough to host a German student this year.

Click on the image links below to find out more about our twin town Bad Salzdetfurth and our partner school Haupt und Real Schule Bad Salzdetfurth.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and perhaps make a friend for life, so please do consider hosting a German student!

Bad Salzdetfurth Town website

Bad Salzdetfurth town website

Haupt und Realschule Bad Salzdetfurth

HRS Bad Salzdetfuth School website

Mrs Ford & Ms Kuusik


International School Award 2011-2014


Congratulations to all the staff and students at Brimsham Green - we have been awarded the prestigious International School Award for the second time! The special award recognises all of the fantastic work that goes on at Brimsham Green with an International Dimension. From Curriculum studies to European Day of Languages, Global Awareness Days, Fundraising for international causes and our on-going links with Hosanna School we have shown the British Council that we are one of the best schools in the country when it comes to the Global Dimension in our daily school life. A very big thank you to Miss Hind for all her hard work in submitting our second successful application.

Mrs G Ford - International Education Co-ordinator


BGS students and staff with students from Gar-Field High School November 2011

On Tuesday 22 November 2011 we welcomed a party of students from Gar-Field High School in Virginia, USA to Brimsham Green School. As well as finding out about us and our school, these International Baccalaureate students worked with our Y13 students discussing the Civil Rights movement in the USA. Students shared their thoughts about the key events that have shaped modern America giving our students a unique opportunity to talk face to face with similar young people with first hand experience of the impact made by historic events.

Find out more about Gar-Field High School by following this link :